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1199SEIU and GNYHA Respond to
New York State’s Final Budget Agreement

The final budget agreement represents a significant improvement from Governor Hochul’s initial proposal—which contained over $1 billion in Medicaid cuts—and highlights the immense importance of our ongoing Medicaid Equity campaign. The New York State Legislature clearly heard the voices of their constituents, tens of thousands of whom made calls, wrote letters, and told their healthcare stories [...]

Jewish Leaders Join Statewide Coalition of Faith Leaders Urging Governor Hochul to End Medicaid Funding Crisis

Prominent Jewish leaders join growing list of over 650 faith leaders statewide calling on the Governor to raise the Medicaid reimbursement rate to fully cover the cost of care for hospitals New York, New York – Today, prominent Orthodox Jewish leaders signed on to an open letter calling on Governor Hochul to raise the Medicaid [...]

Thousands of NY Healthcare Workers, Faith Leaders, and Legislators Join Protests in 7 Cities on Friday Against Gov. Hochul’s Budget Proposal

Healthcare Cuts and Medicaid Funding Shortfalls in the Governor’s Budget Would Worsen Healthcare Disparities and Threaten More Closures of Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Caregivers and Advocates Say New York, New York – Today, thousands of New York healthcare workers, faith leaders and legislators filled the streets in seven major cities across New York State to [...]

Statewide Alliance of Nearly 100 Community and Patient Groups Demand that Governor Kathy Hochul End Medicaid Funding Crisis

Coalition Applauds State Leaders for One-House Budget Proposals that Put State on Path to Fully Funding Medicaid New York, New York – Today, a diverse coalition of nearly 100 patient groups and community health advocates, representing hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers from across the state, will deliver an open letter to the Governor’s office [...]

1199SEIU and GNYHA Respond
to New York State’s One-House Budget

“The New York State Senate and Assembly one-house budget resolutions reflect 1199SEIU and GNYHA’s most important priorities, including a crucial Medicaid reimbursement rate increase for hospitals and the elimination of Governor Hochul’s proposed health care cuts. These and other provisions would help stabilize New York’s financially struggling hospitals, strengthen the health care workforce, and help [...]

New York City Council Members, Hospital Leaders, Healthcare Advocates & Workers Join Statewide Coalition Demanding Governor Kathy Hochul End Medicaid Funding Crisis

New York City Elected Officials join other localities statewide – Auburn and Utica – in support of raising the Medicaid reimbursement rate New York, New York – Today, a coalition of City Council members, hospital representatives, faith leaders, healthcare workers and advocates held a press conference on the steps of City Hall to demand that [...]

Rev. Mark Blue: Gov. Hochul Must Fully Fund
Medicaid to Avert a Healthcare Crisis

More than 7 million New Yorkers across our state, including our communities here in Western New York, are caught in a severe health care crisis. The cause? Our state’s Medicaid program pays hospitals, nursing homes and doctors 30% less than the actual cost of providing care to our most vulnerable neighbors. As the pastor of [...]

Syracuse State Legislators, Hospital and Nursing Home Leaders, Healthcare Advocates, and Faith Leaders Call on Governor Hochul to End Medicaid Funding Crisis

Event is Part of a Statewide, Coordinated “Speakout” Demanding Gov. Hochul Address Healthcare Inequities Thousands of hospital and nursing home workers—stretching from Long Island to Western New York—will rally outside their institutions on Thursday afternoon, calling on Gov. Hochul to properly fund Medicaid, a lifeline for over 7 million New Yorkers Syracuse, New York – [...]

Coalition of Healthcare Unions, Community Organizations, Faith Leaders, and Hospital/Nursing Home Leaders Join Bi-Partisan State Legislators Calling For Governor Kathy Hochul to Address New York’s Dire Healthcare Funding Crisis

Community Coalition kick-off event in Governor's hometown adds to growing chorus of hospitals, health care workers, legislators, community, and faith leaders demanding fully funded Medicaid Health Insurance Program A portion of New York’s huge, unprecedented reserves must be used to close the Medicaid Health Insurance funding gap, save struggling hospitals and nursing homes, prevent slashing of [...]

State Legislative Leaders, URMC Management and Healthcare Workers Demand Governor Hochul End Medicaid Funding Crisis

In Monroe County nearly a third of residents rely on Medicaid for their health coverage Press conference builds on growing statewide pressure for Governor Hochul to fully fund Medicaid insurance program for all New Yorkers, as local healthcare workers leave for Albany again this week Rochester, New York – This morning a coalition of Rochester state [...]

Over 200 Faith Leaders Demand Governor Hochul
End Medicaid Funding Crisis

Coalition of faith leaders represent communities and faiths from across New York State Capitol rally, interfaith letter add to growing pressure on Governor Hochul to fully fund Medicaid Albany, New York – Today, over two dozen pastors, reverends, imams, and faith leaders from Brooklyn, Albany, Rochester, and across New York State rallied at the Capitol [...]

Majority of Democratic State Leaders Join Call to Press Governor Hochul to End Medicaid Funding Crisis

The Governor’s state budget fails to address New York’s Medicaid funding crisis, jeopardizing care for the more than seven million New Yorkers who rely on Medicaid for healthcare coverage Albany, New York – Ahead of Tuesday’s budget healthcare hearing, the New York Alliance for Healthcare Justice (NYAHJ)—a Healthcare Education Project initiative being led by 1199SEIU [...]

1199SEIU and GNYHA Respond to Gov. Hochul’s Proposed Budget

In her State of the State address on January 9, Governor Hochul noted that “hospitals in New York are struggling financially more than in the rest of the U.S—42% of hospital facilities in New York had an operating deficit in 2021.” The Governor did not mention that the figure rose to 63% in 2022. The [...]

HEP’s Response to New York’s Medicaid Waiver

1199SEIU/GNYHA Response to New York’s Federal Medicaid Waiver We are pleased that New York’s Medicaid waiver has been approved. Greater New York Hospital Association and 1199SEIU have advocated for the waiver’s approval for more than a year. This important funding will help financially troubled safety net hospitals and bolster a healthcare workforce that continues to [...]

Congress has less than three days to avoid a government shutdown.

This page will continue to be updated as this issue is ongoing. Update Oct. 02, 2023: On Saturday, September 30, the House voted 335-91 to pass a 45-day funding bill. President Joe Biden signed the bill mere hours before the midnight deadline, keeping the government open through November 17. Congress has until Saturday night to [...]

Inflation Reduction Act Delivers on Drug Price Negotiations

A year ago, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. One of the law’s major promises was to give Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices to lower costs for the program, while making prescription drugs more affordable for seniors and other beneficiaries. This kind of negotiation happens in most other countries around [...]

Support for Mental Health and Well-being

New York State NYC WELL is a free, confidential, mental health support line. Access mental health and substance use services in more than 200 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (888) 692-9355 or (800) 985-5990, text WELL to 65173 or visit New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) Emotional Support Helpline provides callers [...]

How Is Medicaid Coverage Changing When the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Ends?

Why is this important? Enrollees in Medicaid, Child Health Plus (CHP) and the Essential Plan (EP) have not had to renew their health insurance since early 2020 due to the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE). Insurance was automatically renewed without checking for eligibility. The PHE ends on May 11, 2023. That means that: Federal rules will [...]

Taking Aim At The ACA…Again

Yesterday, Texas federal judge Reed O’Connor issued a ruling that employers cannot be required to cover certain preventive health care services offered under the Affordable Care Act. These are services that include cancer screenings and medications for HIV and heart disease. For decades, Americans struggled to receive the healthcare they needed simply because their insurer refused [...]

Add your voice! Tell Albany to Close the Medicaid Coverage Gap!

See the letter signed by 160 community leaders across New York State urging Albany to close the Medicaid coverage gap. At HEP, we're doing all we can to protect and improve the healthcare that some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers rely on. We're meeting with legislators across the state, running ads on TV and [...]

Community Leaders Urge You to Close the Medicaid Coverage Gap

Medicaid Is Our Lifeline. Gov. Hochul and New York State Legislators Must Close the Coverage Gap! Dear Representative, As community leaders and people of faith, we are in close, daily contact with our community members. They are working people who are putting children through school and caring for the elderly and sick in their families. They [...]

See How Medicaid Impacts Your Constituents

The New York State budget is under discussion, and access to quality healthcare for millions of New Yorkers is at the center of the debate. As a legislator, you have first-hand experience of how critical Medicaid is to your constituents. Medicaid enables safety net hospitals to serve your constituents.  In particular, we would like to draw [...]

1199SEIU, GNYHA Tell Albany: Close the Medicaid Coverage Gap

Digital Ad Campaign Urges Lawmakers to Boost Inadequate Medicaid Rates that Threaten Low-Income New Yorkers’ Access to Care Amid Worsening Mental Health Crisis  New Poll Shows New Yorkers Strongly Support Increasing Medicaid Reimbursement Rates to Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Including for Mental Health Services January 19, 2023…The Healthcare Education Project—a joint initiative of 1199SEIU United [...]

Blood Donor Awareness Month – Your Blood Can Save Lives

January is Blood Donor Awareness Month—a good opportunity to highlight the importance of donating blood and the impact it can have on saving lives. The average adult has approximately 10 pints of blood in their body. During a donation, approximately 1 pint is taken. A healthy donor can donate blood every 56 days, or donate […]


Over the next decade, the country will face a serious shortage of up to 124,000 physicians – both primary care and specialty. A large number of physicians are nearing retirement age. The pandemic has made physician burnout a more serious problem than before, and physicians may decide to retire sooner rather than later. This is […]

We call on Congress to waive the PAYGO cut

Our hospitals could face an estimated nearly $10 billion in cuts in 2021, in fee-for-service Medicare, if the Pay-As-You-Go cut takes effect at the end of this year. The Statutory Pay-As-You-Go  Act of 2010 seeks to control the effects of new legislation on the budget deficit in each calendar year, by limiting increases in spending, […]

Vote Yes on Prop 1

On November 8th New York voters have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to vote for clean water protections, better infrastructure, more parks and a better quality of life, throughout the state, by voting YES on Prop 1,  The Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Bond Act. The Bond Act (Prop 1) Protects drinking water (preventing contamination, runoff, [...]

2022 Voter Toolkit

To be eligible to vote you must  Be a United States citizen; Be 18 years old or older (you may pre-register at 16 or 17 but cannot vote until you are 18); Be a resident of this state and the county, city or village for at least 30 days before the election; Not be in […]

Thank you for passing the Inflation Reduction Act!

This weekend, the Senate voted to pass a historic bill.  The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is a victory for all who have fought for decades for lower prescription drug prices and more affordable healthcare. The Act, supported by all 50 Democrats with a tie-breaking vote by Vice-President Kamala Harris, carries significant healthcare provisions besides […]

Tell Congress — Pass The Inflation Reduction Act Now!

We are urging Congress to pass, during the current legislative session, the Inflation Reduction Act. The bill addresses two critical healthcare issues that affect all Americans: the cost of prescription drugs and insurance premiums. The Act allows Medicare for the first time to negotiate prescription drug prices It caps out of pocket costs at $2,000  […]

HEP Statement on the overturning of Roe v. Wade

In order to have real access to quality, affordable healthcare, Americans need two things: the ability to make informed personal decisions about one’s own wellbeing, and a strong relationship with their healthcare professional. The SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v. Wade is so concerning because it fundamentally undercuts both the ability to make healthy personal decisions [...]

Your voices were heard: NYS budget funds healthcare priorities

The Healthcare Education Project applauds Governor Hochul and the New York State Legislature for their efforts in making healthcare a priority in the FY23 budget. ¿Qué implica para usted el presupuesto del estado de Nueva York? Haga clic aquí This budget was a step towards major improvements in healthcare. Money for our vulnerable safety-nets; an emphasis [...]

New York’s FY23 Budget and Healthcare

¿Qué implica para usted el presupuesto del estado de Nueva York? Haga clic aquí

Where To Find Free COVID Tests

Low and no-cost COVID-19 testing is available for all ages across New York State, including the uninsured, at health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and other testing sites. At-home testing kits are also available from NYC Health + Hospitals. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please call the testing site or your health care provider before you [...]

April Fools!

Like all things, moderation is key to a good diet (in other words, NOT an eating contest). An unbalanced diet affects our health significantly. Obesity is only one consequence, and yet, in 2020, a staggering 42.4% of Americans were struggling with obesity, one of the leading causes of death. And despite trends in healthier eating, […]

New Masking Guidelines

Congress MUST pass the Build Back Better bill!

When Congress previously passed the infrastructure bill, it showed that it could work together to make real change in the lives of Americans. It must now pass more legislation that focuses on healthcare, support for families, climate change, and other critical provisions. Contact your Representative to ask them to pass the BBB bill now! Here […]

Frequently asked questions about kids and COVID vaccines, answered by pediatrician Dr. Judith Flores.

Question: Are young people even at risk of getting COVID-19? Dr. Flores: Over the past weeks, the number of children and young people who have been infected with COVID has been increasing at an alarming rate and children with COVID are being hospitalized every day. Getting vaccinated is the best protection for kids over 12 [...]

SCOTUS Upholds the Affordable Care Act

Today’s decision by SCOTUS to uphold the Affordable Care Act   preserves a landmark law that has protected millions of Americans across the country, especially during the pandemic. The benefits of the ACA are virtually immeasurable: thanks to Medicaid expansion in the majority of states, increased subsidies for lower-income Americans to access quality, affordable healthcare, and […]

Update: Texas Court Case – Supreme Court upholds the ACA!

Since September of 2018, a group of Republican Attorneys General have been seeking to have the ACA ruled unconstitutional. Here's a look back at how the case has evolved--told by some of the most reputable press outlets. June 17th, 2021: NBC News - The Supreme Court upholds the Affordable Care Act November 10th, 2020: Washington [...]

The Latest COVID-19 Relief Package (American Rescue Plan) – How does it benefit me?

Every day we hear about the American Rescue Plan, which is the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 relief plan for all Americans. But how does it benefit you, your family, your community, and healthcare? Read on. 1. Helping individuals and families It provides $1,400 checks directly to individuals, extends unemployment, and provides renter relief. Read more 2. […]

National Nutrition Month 

March is National Nutrition Month—a time to reflect on our eating habits and making sure that we have well-balanced diets and our giving our bodies the fuel and resources they need to function at their best. Tips on eating healthy:  Limit the amount of sugar, sodium, and saturated fat you consume Focus on eating foods […]


This content is brought to you by our Vaccine Education Channel NYVEP. For more up to the moment information please follow us on Instagram. SAFETY AND EFFECTIVENESS Q: What’s in the vaccine? How does it work? A:  Three vaccines have been approved for use and are currently being used to vaccinate healthcare professionals, one developed [...]

COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet

Evidence has shown that the new COVID-19 vaccine will provide significant protection against the deadly disease.  Two vaccines that are now being provided to healthcare workers will soon be available to the general  public: one from Pfizer and one from Moderna. Both use messenger RNA (mRNA) which is a piece of genetic code manufactured in […]

The Health 202: Obese Americans suffer disproportionately from the coronavirus


ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? You must register by Oct. 9, 2020, to be eligible to vote in the Nov. 3, 2020, General Election. 1. Are you registered? Check by visiting the state website at If you are registered it will show you your information and a link to find your polling place. 2. [...]


Interim guidance for in-person instruction at Pre-K to Grade 12 schools during the COVID-19 public health emergency Download PDF NYSDOH school reopening FAQs July 22, 2020 Download PDF US DOE Supplemental Fact Sheet Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Schools While Serving Children with Disabilities Download PDF New York State Back [...]

If the Trump Admin Wins Its Lawsuit: Life Without the ACA

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is known for providing protections for pre-existing conditions and securing healthcare for more than 20 million Americans. However, the Trump Administration is supporting a lawsuit that the Supreme Court will hear in November that could strike down the entire ACA. The effects would be enormous in normal times—and simply devastating [...]

President Trump’s Executive Actions: Too Little or Nothing At All!

Hospital leaders warn of possible layoffs without federal support

By Shannon Young 08/12/2020 03:39 PM EDT Hospital leaders warned Wednesday that, absent federal support to offset coronavirus-related revenue losses, facilities across New York could be forced to lay off workers who helped shepherd the state through the height of its Covid-19 outbreak. Greater New York Hospital Association President Kenneth Raske and Healthcare Association of […]

COVID-19: HEROES Act versus the HEALS Act

¡Haz el censo! 5 minutos ayuda a Nueva York a obtener la financiación que necesita.

Te has contado?. El censo se está llevando a cabo en este momento y el conteo exacto de todos los residentes, ciudadanos y no ciudadanos, garantiza que nuestras comunidades reciban fondos federales adecuados para: Escuelas Hospitales Carreteras Emergencias y otras infraestructuras En este momento, la respuesta de Nueva York se está quedando corta. Con sólo [...]

HEP statement on the second public health crisis: Racism

The Healthcare Education Project was created by 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East and the hospitals of New York to promote and protect access to high-quality, affordable healthcare for all New Yorkers. Over the last four months, we have been working with our sponsors to help them in their heroic response to the unprecedented COVID-19 healthcare [...]

ACA: A hidden healthcare hero of the Covid-19 crisis

Today, May 6th, 2020, Democratic attorneys-general and the House of Representatives will present arguments defending the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) against a lawsuit brought by the Trump administration and Republicans in 2018 to overturn the ACA and declare it unconstitutional. If the ACA were overturned, 20 million Americans would lose health coverage and 135 million [...]

We are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis

New York's healthcare workers and hospitals are dedicated to fighting the COVID-19 crisis every day. Our high-quality hospitals and outstanding healthcare workers have shown time and again that they are ready to contain outbreaks of illness. We are taking measures for: Preventing the spread of the virus Identifying and isolating patients Safe, effective patient care [...]

Census 2020

Every 10 years, households throughout the country receive Census forms. The Census is intended to help the federal government determine the population count. Once completed, the Census data is delivered to Congress and the President by law. An accurate count helps the government determine how to distribute federal funding, political representation, and make other major […]

What are Medicaid Block Grants?

The Trump Administration has proposed that states receive a Medicaid block grant. This means the federal government will provide a specific amount of funding to states and allow state governments to decide how to use that funding to deliver healthcare to citizens. Why does it matter? States that opt in to the block grant program […]

Healthcare Union, Nursing Home Providers, Join Lawmakers, Community Members, Others to Oppose Medicaid Funding Cuts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mindy Berman, and (518) 229-0486 Colin Wolfgang, and (973) 303-2738 Healthcare Union, Nursing Home Providers, Join Lawmakers, Community Members, Others to Oppose Medicaid Funding Cuts Coalition Calls for Reversal of Decision That Would Slash $250 Million from Nursing Homes Across New York State Albany, New York – America’s largest […]

Healthcare Union and Legislators Join Nursing Homes to Oppose Nursing Home Medicaid Cuts “We Are Scared”

What: Press conference calling to stop drastic Medicaid funding cut to nursing homes When: Thursday, October 31st, 2019, at 10:30 A.M. Where: Hillside Manor Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center, LLC, 182-15 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Estates, New York 11432 Who: 1199SEIU healthcare workers, New York State Senator Leroy Comrie, Assembly Member Clyde Vanel, Assembly Member David […]

Healthcare Union and Legislators Join Nursing Homes to Demand that State Stop Nursing Home Medicaid Cuts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE What:  Press conference calling to stop drastic Medicaid CMI funding cut to nursing homes When: Thursday, October 24th,  3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Where: Clove Lakes Rehab Center, 25 Fanning St, Staten Island, NY 10314 Who: 1199SEIU nursing home workers; Senator Diane Savino; Assembly Member Charles Fall; Kevin Elkins, District Director for […]

New York’s nursing homes face MILLIONS IN CUTS in state funding

We all know someone who relies or has relied on the care of a nursing home—and those nursing homes now face a devastating cut.  On November 6th, nursing homes will lose a massive quarter of a billion dollars in Medicaid funding unless we act now: which is why we’re asking you to sign this petition. […]

October 2019 Events

BROOKLYN  SATURDAY, OCT. 12TH What: ‘Healthy Choices for Healthy Living’: Plant-based Health Conference Where: Trinity Baptist Church, 179 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, 11216 When:  9:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. Contact: For more information and to register, call 646-670-3238 or 917-593-0032 or email   BUFFALO  TUESDAY, OCT 1ST What:  Let’s Talk: Mental Health in the […]

Breast cancer: Early detection is the best treatment

October is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in New York. The Healthcare Education Project actively organizes free breast cancer screenings around New York State all year. Hundreds of women have gotten screened, some for the first time, many underinsured or uninsured. These free screenings are […]

Nursing homes face drastic Medicaid funding cut

The fight to protect nursing homes from a massive $250 million Medicaid cut in the New York State budget continues.  If this cut passes, over 600 nursing homes around the state will be affected. Tens of thousands of nursing home residents will feel the pain. The cut will impact many direct care jobs in nursing […]

Women’s Health and Fitness Day

The key to a happy and healthy life includes a number of important lifestyle habits—for both men and women. Fitness is an essential part of these lifestyle habits, and Women’s Health and Fitness Day is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about how staying active keeps women healthy. According to the CDC, more than 13% […]

Sickle Cell Disease

September is Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month—a good opportunity to provide statistics about this deadly disease. What is Sickle Cell Disease? Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic disorder in which patients have deformed red blood cells (known as sickle cells). These cells die earlier than normal, healthy blood cells, causing a red blood cell deficiency. […]

Press Release: New York’s Uninsured Rate Drops, Despite Increases in Most Other States

Albany, NY – Health Care for All New York is delighted to announce that more New Yorkers have health insurance than ever before – and that New York was one of only three states where more people have health insurance this year than last. “While the rest of the country is experiencing declines in coverage, New […]

Bucking National Trends, New York’s Uninsured Rate Continues to Decline, Reaching a Historic Low of 4.7 Percent

Under Governor Cuomo’s Leadership, New York’s Uninsured Rate is now the Lowest Among Large States

What are Medicaid DSH Payments?

Last Updated: March 5th, 2024   What is Medicaid DSH? The Medicaid disproportionate share hospital (DSH) program provides payments to safety net hospitals that serve a high proportion of Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients. The payments are essential for these hospitals to offset their uncompensated care costs from treating low-income patients. What is the Medicaid [...]

Essential Health Benefits are…

A set of 10 categories of services health insurance plans must cover under the Affordable Care Act. These include doctors’ services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, prescription drug coverage, pregnancy and childbirth, mental health services, and more. Some plans cover more services. Plans must offer dental coverage for children. Dental benefits for adults are optional. [...]

Are you ready for the next healthcare fight?

On May 4th, two years ago, the most unpopular bill in the history of healthcare passed the Republican-controlled House: The American Health Care Act.  Together, we stopped it from passing in the Senate by one single vote. Yet, the Trump Administration is still at it.  The effort to repeal the ACA is in the courts [...]

Learn more about the Protecting Pre-existing Conditions & Making Health Care More Affordable Act of 2019

The Trump Administration is in court trying to end your #healthcare #protections under the #ACA.  But others in Congress have introduced a new proposal to protect and improve healthcare. Called the Protecting Pre-existing Conditions & Making Health Care More Affordable Act of 2019, here’s what it offers: Lowers health insurance premiums with strengthened and expanded [...]

National Minority Health Month

Active & Healthy is the theme for National Minority Health Month 2019, and the Office of Minority Health will join our partners throughout the country as we promote physical activity to help people live healthier lives. An active and healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other [...]

We Are In The Community

Resources You Can Use Mental health. Vaccinations. Understanding health insurance. HEP has a range of popular resources on our website that you can read and download. Wish to attend a healthcare event in your area? Email us at Upcoming Community Events Syracuse: ‘Hot Topics in Healthcare’ discussion forum for senior citizens. April 30, 2019, […]

National Donate Life Month

Notes From The Frontline

Nasirah Monique Buissereth has fought on our frontlines in the US Navy. Today, she is on the frontlines in the healthcare industry and as a local community activist. Nasirah is a Registered Nurse at St. Joseph’s Health in Syracuse, New York, and is pursuing her degree at LeMoyne College to become a Nurse Practitioner . [...]

The War on Healthcare Continues

Those who are responsible The Trump Administration and its allies in Congress who want to repeal the ACA through legal attacks, budget defunding, and sabotage Those who pay the price 21 million newly insured 133 million Americans with pre-existing conditions 60 million Medicare beneficiaries 2 million young adults covered by their parents’ plans Once again, [...]

Black History Month Healthcare Pioneers

In honor of Black History Month, the Healthcare Education Project would like to honor these exceptional healthcare professionals and visionaries who advanced the medical industry.

Key Facts about Health Insurance and the Uninsured amidst Changes to the Affordable Care Act

55% of uninsured are eligible for financial assistance in getting healthcare, and still can’t afford it The other 45% live in states that did not expand Medicaid, face immigration eligibility issues, or do not qualify for financial assistance 27.4 million uninsured in 2017–the first year that figure rose since the ACA became law In 2017, 13 […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Improve your Health this 2019

Make health your priority this year with these following tips: Drink more water – most recommend that you drink a half a gallon of water a day on average. Follow these twelve tips from ‘Self’ to make drinking water more fun! Exercise – exercising regularly will help you get into shape and decrease your risk […]

U.S. top court, Kavanaugh spurn Planned Parenthood defunding case

Andrew Chung | Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected appeals by Louisiana and Kansas seeking to end their public funding to women’s healthcare and abortion provider Planned Parenthood through the Medicaid program, with President Donald Trump’s appointee Brett Kavanaugh among the justices who rebuffed the states. The justices left intact […]

2019 Open Enrollment is Underway: A Q&A with NY State of Health

Open enrollment for health insurance in 2019 on the New York State marketplace is open. The Healthcare Education Project spoke with NY State of Health regarding key information you should know to sign up for healthcare. Q: What makes NY State of Health unique, compared to the federal healthcare exchange that many states use? NY […]

A Year in Healthcare: HEP in 2018

Securing Healthcare Funding in the State Budget HEP played a key role in securing additional healthcare funding in the New York State budget. The Secure Our Care campaign energized constituents to urge their representatives to increase healthcare funding, in response to cuts from Washington HEP and GNYHA held a series of budget forums for legislators […]

Healthcare Takeaways From The Midterm Elections

The people have spoken! Here are three of the biggest takeaways on healthcare from the midterm elections last Tuesday: Healthcare really matters to voters. Twenty-six percent of voters said that healthcare was the most important issue in deciding their vote last Tuesday, making it the most important issue overall for voters this year (Associated Press). […]

ACA At Risk: Is Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions Next?

On September 5th, a judge will hear oral arguments in a lawsuit filed by a number of states, led by Texas, arguing that the ACA should be made invalid. This is one of many attempts by the Trump Administration and the Republican majority in Congress to undermine the ACA and the protections that millions of […]

The Texas Court Ruling: Likely Outcomes

On September 5th, a judge will hear oral arguments in a case with enormous implications for Americans with pre-existing conditions who are currently protected under the Affordable Care Act (the ACA). A number of states, led by Texas, have filed a lawsuit arguing that the ACA should be made invalid. The Department of Justice has […]

May 4, 2017: A date we won’t forget!

Today’s Events Para ver la información en Español A year ago, on this day, the most unpopular bill in the history of healthcare passed the House: The American Health Care Act. We stopped it from passing in the Senate by one single vote. But that’s how close it came to achieving its dangerous mission. What […]

Women’s Health Empowerment Symposium

Senator Leroy Comrie, York College, Healthfirst, and the Healthcare Education Project invite you to the second annual Women’s Health Empowerment Symposium at York College.

Register Today To Become An Organ Donor

More than 10,000 New Yorkers are on waiting lists as the need for organ donations far exceeds the supply. One person who donates organs (hearts, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestines) can save up to eight lives, while a tissue donor (corneas, bone, skin, heart valves, tendons, veins, etc.) can improve 12 or more lives.

Immediate threats to healthcare coverage

Medicaid Despite the best efforts of many of the House and Senate Republicans, the effort to repeal/replace the ACA (“Obamacare”) that would have decimated federal Medicaid funding has failed — not once, but twice. However, the House has just passed a draft budget that is yet another threat to this critical healthcare funding. The $4.1 […]

¡Hazte las pruebas habituales de detección! Un mensaje público de Healthcare Education Project Proyecto de Educación en el Cuidado de la Salud

Octubre, mes Nacional de Concientización de la prevención del cáncer de seno, una campaña para concientizar acerca de esta dolencia. El número de muertes relacionadas al cáncer de seno ha sido reducido en los últimos años—en parte esto se debe a los esfuerzos educativos por concientizar a la población sobre esta enfermedad y como prevenirla. […]

Get screened. Stay healthy. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October, which means it’s once again National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the disease. The good news is that the number of breast cancer-related deaths has been falling over the past several years—in part due to efforts to increase public awareness about the disease and how to prevent […]

Trump Executive Order; Another Attempt to Undermine the ACA (“Obamacare”)

President Trump’s Executive Order that is expected to be signed this week will be nothing short of a back-door attempt to undermine the benefits of Obamacare in the Administration’s ongoing attempt to repeal the landmark legislation. By expanding access to association health care plans and short-term plans, the Obamacare exchange faces an exodus of consumers […]