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Thank you for passing the Inflation Reduction Act!

This weekend, the Senate voted to pass a historic bill.  The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is a victory for all who have fought for decades for lower prescription drug prices and more affordable healthcare. The Act, supported by all 50 Democrats with a tie-breaking vote by Vice-President Kamala Harris, carries significant healthcare provisions besides […]

Affordable Care Act: Life Without the ACA

The Affordable Care Act is known for providing protections for pre-existing conditions and securing healthcare for nearly 12 million Americans in 2018 alone. However, with the recent ruling by a Texas judge striking down the entire healthcare law, much more is at stake. Here’s a breakdown of everything the ACA has provided. Pre-Existing Conditions According […]

2019 Open Enrollment is Underway: A Q&A with NY State of Health

Open enrollment for health insurance in 2019 on the New York State marketplace is open. The Healthcare Education Project spoke with NY State of Health regarding key information you should know to sign up for healthcare. Q: What makes NY State of Health unique, compared to the federal healthcare exchange that many states use? NY […]

AHCA – Key Congressional District Facts

Here is what will happen if the American Health Care Act (AHCA) becomes law: Congressional District Non-Elderly with Pre-Existing Conditions Non-Elderly Coverage Loss by 2026 Potential Job Loss by 2022 Peter King  NY 2nd 314,600 Medicaid alone: 18,100 Total Coverage Lost: 72,300 594 John Faso – NY 19th 294,000 Medicaid alone: 25,300 Total Coverage Lost: […]

Call Congress, join the rallies to stop the AHCA

Dear Friend: We must stop the AHCA from being recklessly pushed through the House tomorrow! The revised bill is far worse than the first one. It allows states to opt out of the most popular benefits of the ACA: States can opt out of the Ten Essential Benefits Insurance companies will be able charge older […]

What Marketplace health insurance plans cover

What Marketplace health insurance plans cover