AHCA – Key Congressional District Facts

June 1, 2017

Here is what will happen if the American Health Care Act (AHCA) becomes law:

Congressional District Non-Elderly with Pre-Existing Conditions Non-Elderly Coverage Loss by 2026 Potential Job Loss by 2022
Peter King  NY 2nd 314,600 Medicaid alone: 18,100

Total Coverage Lost: 72,300

John Faso – NY 19th 294,000 Medicaid alone: 25,300

Total Coverage Lost: 65,800

Elise Stefanik  – NY 21st 295,300 Medicaid alone: 28,400

Total Coverage Lost: 64,400

Claudia Tenney – NY 22nd 289,000 Medicaid alone: 28,600

Total Coverage Lost: 63,900

Chris Collins – NY 27th 305,600 Medicaid alone: 18,700

Total Coverage Lost: 58,000



  • The Medicaid coverage loss numbers include both the impact of per capita caps and roll back of Medicaid expansion. States that have not expanded Medicaid as of yet, the coverage loss for Medicaid expansion is calculated as people who would lose coverage had the state decided to expand Medicaid.
  • Total coverage loss numbers include loss from Medicaid, employer-sponsored insurance, and exchanges and other coverage.
  • Job loss estimates are based on if Congress enacts AHCA, while holding all other economic factors constant. Essentially, these numbers say “If the AHCA becomes law, there will be X number of fewer jobs in Representative Y’s district by 2022 relative to if the ACA remained in place.”