Congress MUST pass the Build Back Better bill!

December 10, 2021

When Congress previously passed the infrastructure bill, it showed that it could work together to make real change in the lives of Americans. It must now pass more legislation that focuses on healthcare, support for families, climate change, and other critical provisions. Contact your Representative to ask them to pass the BBB bill now!

Here are key healthcare provisions in this bill that we strongly support.

  • Funding for home and community-based services:
    Funding through the bill will allow more seniors and individuals with disabilities to receive affordable, quality home-based care. It will also support home care workers through better provider payment rates and giving states the resources they need.
  • Graduate Medical Education:
    America is facing a shortage of doctors. This funding will help train the next generation of doctors, all the more critical during the pandemic.

There is much more in this legislation that protects the well-being of all Americans, whether it be through lower prescription drug prices, ACA subsidies, closing the Medicaid gap, making CHIP permanent, and other provisions.