May 4, 2017: A date we won’t forget!

May 2, 2018

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A year ago, on this day, the most unpopular bill in the history of healthcare passed the House: The American Health Care Act. We stopped it from passing in the Senate by one single vote. But that’s how close it came to achieving its dangerous mission.

What did the American Health Care Act (AHCA) target?

Pre-Existing Conditions

The Affordable Care Act prohibited insurance companies from charging more or denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

The AHCA would have allowed states to end it.

Essential Benefits

The Affordable Care Act required insurers to cover essential benefits such as mental health and maternity care.

The AHCA allowed states to define “essential benefits” and eliminate key provisions like maternity benefits.

Medicaid Expansion

The Affordable Care Act enabled states to expand Medicaid to cover working people just above the poverty line.

The AHCA would have drastically cut funding for Medicaid expansion after 2017.


The AHCA’S Impact on New Yorkers

  • 1.2 million New Yorkers lose coverage
  • One million with Medicaid lose coverage
  • 13,700 veterans in New York lose coverage
  • People with pre-existing conditions can be charged more
  • Older customers can be charged up to five times more (“age tax”)
  • Premiums rise up to 20%
  • 71,639 New Yorkers lose their jobs by 2022
  • New York State forced to offset $50 billion

Last year we mobilized, made our voices heard, and stopped the American Health Care Act from becoming law.

Let’s take that energy to the ballot box this fall and vote for healthcare!

To register to vote, visit or to get started!



The Force Awakens: Healthcare Workers, Concerned Citizens Unite on May 4 to Hold House Republicans Accountable
Healthcare voters to send a clear message at midterm ballot box: we have not forgotten the vote to rip away healthcare and Medicaid from millions of Americans

What: Rally and Campaign Kick-Off
Date: Friday, May 4 (Star Wars Day)
Time: 4:00 P.M.
Location: Trinity Park – 1 Trinity Pl, Plattsburgh, NY

Long Island

Kick-off event to recognize the anniversary of the destructive AHCA and recruit healthcare voters.  We must hold our leaders accountable as we go to the ballot this fall.

5 PM at 100 Duffy Avenue,  Hicksville, NY 11801  


Share #HealthcareVoter on social media. Take a picture with this flyer and post on your favorite social network! Commit to being a healthcare voter and holding your elected leaders accountable!

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