A Year in Healthcare: HEP in 2018

December 4, 2018
Securing Healthcare Funding in the State Budget
HEP played a key role in securing additional healthcare funding in the New York State budget.
  • The Secure Our Care campaign energized constituents to urge their representatives to increase healthcare funding, in response to cuts from Washington
  • HEP and GNYHA held a series of budget forums for legislators and healthcare leaders about the importance of adequate healthcare funding in the budget.
  • HEP joined thousands of 1199 members at their Code Blue Rally in Albany ahead of the budget.
The Tax Bill
Windfall profits for insurance companies, but higher premiums for consumers! HEP campaigned statewide to make sure the implications of the new tax bill were not lost on New Yorkers.
Defending Healthcare from Attacks
HEP kept the public updated on Washington’s policy efforts to undercut healthcare – such as the attempt to pass the ACA repeal bill, the current Texas court case that may end pre-existing conditions protections, and more. We used occasions like the anniversary of Medicaid and Medicare and Senator McCain’s vote on the “skinny repeal” bill as public reminders. HEP helped to make healthcare a key issue for New Yorkers demanding accountability from their elected representatives.
Raising Health Awareness!
HEP works in the community year-round to keep our communities informed about preventive care and healthy lifestyle practices, with back-to-school vaccination information, the dangers of sugary drinks, monthly health themes, and more. Increasing organ donation and breast cancer screenings are two of our campaigns.
Increasing Organ Donation Numbers 
New York has one of the lowest sign-up rates for organ donors in the country. HEP, in collaboration with 1199SEIU and the Greater New York Hospital Association, and LiveOnNY, developed a multi-faceted campaign to increase awareness of the importance of organ donation and registering to be a donor. And New Yorkers responded in large numbers. The number of NY donors crossed the 5 million mark. Today, over a third of eligible New Yorkers have registered on the organ donor registry, at a rate not seen in years!
Year-round Breast Cancer Screenings
HEP’s breast cancer events take place year round in all five boroughs of New York City, upstate and Long Island. We partner with community organizations and with cancer organizations that provide mammography vans for free screenings, and some women have received their first screening at these events. We also spread awareness about the importance of prevention as the best cure, through presentations by medical professionals, and distributing print and social media messaging to drive calls to the state’s hotline for breast cancer screenings.