New York’s nursing homes face MILLIONS IN CUTS in state funding

October 17, 2019

We all know someone who relies or has relied on the care of a nursing home—and those nursing homes now face a devastating cut.  On November 6th, nursing homes will lose a massive quarter of a billion dollars in Medicaid funding unless we act now: which is why we’re asking you to sign this petition.

Who will suffer?

  • Nursing homes across the state may close
  • 75% of nursing home residents will be affected
  • Nursing home staff may lose their jobs

Nursing homes provide safe and supportive living quarters and healthcare for their residents, including the most complex, often life-saving care.  It gives all New Yorkers the reassurance that those we love –the elderly, the disabled and others – live in comfort.

Sign the petition here and join the thousands of New Yorkers who are calling to STOP THE CUTS.