Important Information on Special Enrollment Periods for health coverage

May 19, 2015

The next open enrollment period for health insurance begins on November 1, 2015. However, you can still enroll any time if you are eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plus, if you are an American Indian or Alaska Native. You may also enroll in this Special Enrollment Period if you have what is called a Qualifying Life Event. Learn more about this on the state’s Special Enrollment Period webpage which includes these helpful resources:

  • New consumer video describing qualifying life events and special enrollment periods (Spanish video coming shortly)
  • List of qualifying life events (including the one-time SEP for people who learn that they have a federal tax penalty for 2014)
  • Updated consumer SEP fact sheet that can be downloaded and printed (Quantities can be ordered here:…)
  • Links to FAQ documents on SEP
  • Dates of the 2016 open enrollment period

This webpage is available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Haitian Creole and French.