Put Patients First


Put Patients Before Profits in New York State

Health systems across New York have made massive investments and gut-wrenching sacrifices to fight COVID — all while the biggest insurers are taking the COVID crisis to the bank. And as New Yorkers continue to recover from a deadly pandemic that devastated our state’s hospitals, we want to make sure bad actors don’t benefit more – New York’s top ten insurers already made more than $40 billion in profits during 2021.

Despite these record profits, insurers are back squeezing New Yorkers for more:

  • Denying patients’ insurance claims, particularly for emergency care — sticking patients with the bill
  • Delaying patients’ much-needed care by imposing red tape and confusing requirements for routine procedures
  • Restricting access to local providers and hospitals, creating confusing networks for consumers
  • Increasing costs for patients and reducing access to care

That’s why Albany needs to pass the Reinvest in New York Healthcare Act, which ensures a portion of insurer profits made within New York state lines are reinvested in local hospitals that serve communities who need it the most.

Doctors and caregivers know best — we cannot let the wealthy, profit-driven insurers get between doctors and their patients. Enough is enough: New Yorkers will not tolerate greedy insurance companies jeopardizing patients’ health care decisions.

Together, we can stop profiteering insurers and ensure any profits come back to the state.