Fighting For Medicaid Equity

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Almost half of all New Yorkers rely on the state-funded Medicaid program for their healthcare coverage, and most of them are children and seniors. While private insurance fully reimburses hospitals for the cost of care, Medicaid does not. Medicaid underpayments are creating a healthcare crisis in our cities and rural communities, threatening the quality of care for Black, Latino and low-income New Yorkers.

The New York Alliance for Healthcare Justice is a coalition of frontline caregivers, faith leaders, community health advocates, and patients fighting for Medicaid equity to end the healthcare disparities in their communities. Every New Yorker deserves access to quality care, no matter their income or where they live.

Who We Are

Our growing and diverse coalition includes over 650 ministers, priests, rabbis, imams and faith leaders, who have joined together to fight for Medicaid equity as a moral and racial justice issue. More than 100 community health and patient advocates, representing hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers across the state, have demanded raising reimbursement rates for hospitals and nursing homes.

Frontline caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes across New York advocate fiercely for Medicaid equity, fighting to end to healthcare disparities through calls to action and rallies throughout the state. A majority of Democratic legislators in the Senate and Assembly support a fully funded Medicaid.

Online Activism