HEP Statement on the Peter King ad

July 10, 2017

Dear Friends,

The Healthcare Education Project  (HEP)  took out an ad in Newsday thanking Rep. Peter King of District 2 for opposing the Senate’s healthcare repeal bill.  When the bill was in the House, HEP worked with its allies to persuade Rep. King not to vote for the bill; but he voted to pass the AHCA.

The AHCA passed the House by just two votes. The House will vote again when the Senate’s version of the bill is returned to it for a final vote. HEP and its allies have therefore continued to meet with and speak with Rep. King and the other New York Congresspersons supporting the AHCA — Rep. John Faso, Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep. Lee Zeldin, Rep. Chris Collins, Rep. Claudia Tenney, and Rep. Tom Reed — urging them to oppose the bill.

We appreciate that Rep. King will now oppose the impending Senate bill, telling CNN: “It’s wrong to pass something for the sake of passing it … The Senate did, as far as I can tell, take care of the pre-existing conditions questions, but if anything, they’ve made the more severe cuts in Medicaid.”

If the bill passes the Senate, and returns to the House, where the AHCA passed by only two votes, Rep. King will be one of the deciding votes. The Healthcare Education Project continues to urge Rep. Peter King and the other New York congressional representatives who support the AHCA to stand up for New York and vote NO on healthcare repeal.